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I bought some video CDs from India and tried to play them on my Sony C650D DVD player.Nothing happened and I got a message saying "INSERT DISC". I called Sony and was told that Video CDs made outside of the US could not be played. What can I do to ? Best regards Koth

-- Koth Ganesh (, April 12, 2000


It is true, that Sony will not play VCDs from India. I beleive the APEX DVD Player will plasy foreign VCDs and also it is cheaper price. Right now it is available in Circuit City stores. It is about $ 169.00 + tax. I tried once it works.

Good Luck


Indian VCD's are mostly recorded in PAL format. Try playing it in Pioneer or Philips players. It reads PAL and then converts it into NTSC signal (which is the only format that American TV's recognize).

-- Raj (, April 12, 2000.

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