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Wonder if someone can guide me to more information about Leah Harris. She married Adolph Sutro in 1856, and became estranged until before her death December 9, 1893. It appears she was born in England August 6, 1832. The last years she lived in a mansion on Hayes/Grove, I saw a water bill in her name. She is buried in Colma.There is very little information about her life, though lots about Adolph. Wonder how and where they met, how she got to San Francisco, and other details.

-- Wolfgang Schubert (, April 12, 2000


My second cousin is married to a descendant of Adolph Sutro. I will pass your request on to them along with you e-mail address. If she doesn't have the answer she may know a member of the family who does.

-- John Edward Reis (, May 10, 2001.

Check the separate Sutro History Q&A area at:

While started only a couple of months ago, its focus is on all things Sutro.

Check regularly, and post questions/answers there, too!

-- Wolfgang Schubert (, May 12, 2001.

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