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Joseph Schiller on population

A sample snip:

I have suggested in this space that we should think about stopping inoculation programs and research aimed at prolonging human life. For one who has never thought along these lines, such suggestions are offensive as lacking in that compassion that I have also advocated here. In this column I want to try to make a case for these policies in as clear terms as possible. ...

-- SCOTT (LYNX5_5@HOTMAIL.COM), April 11, 2000


Semi-interesting, Scott. Perhaps if it were more deeply thoughful and better written. But we know deeper thinkers and better writers around here. It's also a bit kitchen-sinky. Trying to put myself in the place of an uninformed newspaper reader....I remain unconvinced. least he's trying. That's more than I'm doing.


"You have much more power when you are working FOR the right thing than when you are working AGAINST the wrong thing."---Peace pilgrim

-- (, April 12, 2000.

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