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Sorry, but this sort of question comes up every now and then. I just went through all of the old threads and couldn't find one on lens polishing and coating. I would swear that I read one not long ago about a guy who had a Voigtlander Apo Lanthar 150mm/4.5 polished and coated, and I have the same lens and it is desparately in need. I got the e-mail of a guy in Colorado who does this and I e-mailed him and he answered me, but in switching to a new computer recently I lost it all. Anyone know what I am talking about? He gave me his address, phone, etc. and I can't find anything or recall the city.

-- Rob Tucher (rtphotodoc@juno.com), April 11, 2000


Polishing actually means that the old coating is ground off. This changes the specifications of the elements.

After polishing the lens will never perform as it did new.

-- Bob Salomon (bobsalomon@mindspring.com), April 11, 2000.

I'm guessing you were correspoding with John van Stelten in Louisville, Colorado: focalpt@ecentral.com

-- Donald Brewster (dpbrewster@prodigy.net), April 11, 2000.

I think you read this:I recently had my APO Lanthar 150 recoated and though it was only a single coating it solved the problem of severe cleaning marks sustained from the previous owner. I used John van Stelten and am very happy with his work. The cost was $225 + shipping. I am not sure if he does any multi coating. His address is:

Focal Point Inc. 1017 South Boulder Road Suite E-2 Louisville, Co. 80027 Phone 303-665-6640 Fax 303-665-3803 E-mail: focalpt@ecentral.com

-- Ray Fenio (rfenio@indiana.edu), March 16, 2000.

-- Tom Keenan (tmk@earthlink.net), April 11, 2000.

Thanks Tom. That is the one. I couldn't find it. And thanks Bob. I guess I remembered it wrong because polishing is not mentioned. I guess a recoating would do it. I have been told that 1/2 of 1% of the lenses that are recoated crack or shatter in the heat process. Pretty good odds I guess, but when you are the 1/2...?

-- Rob Tucher (rtphotodoc@juno.com), April 12, 2000.

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