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Latest from China, a VCD player/copier copies DVDs as well. Only in your dreams??? Read news at:

-- TOMO (, April 11, 2000


well? is it available here in the states? So far none of these products have been introduced here.....or at least say where it's available for purchase. It's nice to know that it exists, but to get one is the impossibility!

-- (, April 11, 2000.

Records at what quality? Does it record onto a CD or DVD? What about compatibility with existing players? until more specs/info are forthcoming it may be nothing more then a consumer CD Read/writer.

-- sethsolo (, April 12, 2000.

It is most unlikely that it will be a complete and true VideoDVD recording system as we know it. The high cost would be prohibitive for it to become a comsumer product.

A DVD-writer (Pioneer DVR-S201) in Australia cost $9,600 or US$5,760.

A DVD-R blank media disc (Pioneer DVS-R4700) cost $85 or US$51.

Can't afford any 'coaster', and it probably doesn't copy VideoDVD movies.

Check out these prices at:

-- TOMO (, April 12, 2000.

ALSO i went to the link TOMO posted and tried to email the company. Well it says cannot find the address so im assuming its probably not too legit(but who cares). I think it does record dvd (honestly its not hard for companies to make this product now). Also once I SAW BLANK DVDS FOR ABOUT 12$$(US) this was close to 2 years ago and i found it on a site using my friends web tv, i couldnt believe it

-- Doug (, April 12, 2000.

I read a review in a Home Theater audiophile magazine about a Panasonic DVD-RW that was already out in Japan for $2,900. It also had a built in mpeg2 encoder. That's cheap for Japan prices. The expected release date in US was late 2000 to mid 2001 but I'm sure the MPAA will try to prevent that. Also, in the same article they said that all "consumer" blank DVDs were going to have the track that holds the encryption key pre-burned with zero's!!! This would prevent anyone from making a duplicate of a commercial DVD. Looks like there will be a huge market in underground blank DVDs from o'seas.

The magazine was a March or April edition of one of the Home Theater products reviews.

-- EG Marshall (, April 12, 2000.

the pioneer recordable dvd has been out for close to 2 years as well. if i had the low price of 4000$ i can get this now(im being sarcastic its not cheap), although its a hell of a lot less now then when i first saw it at 15,000$!!!! Also its made for video archiving as well. Supposedly now thier is a way to use a dvd ram recorder to record video too. these are as low as $300, but mainly for macintosh

-- doug (, April 13, 2000.

Just an update. I went back to the store I saw the magazine article about the DVD-RW. It is this months Stereo Review's "Sound & Vision" and is still on the shelfs. The unit wasn't Panasonic but rather the Pioneer DVR-1000. Also, the same mag has a review on the 2nd generation Replay unit that is being discussed on another thread.

-- EG Marshall (, April 15, 2000.

Here is a link about it.

-- EG Marshall (, April 15, 2000.


thanks for the link, pretty damn interesting, but i would rather wait for a pc model(which has been out for quite a long time, im just waiting for the price to drop more) as i do not want to put my stuff on a dvdrw when i would rather have a true permanent burn on a straight dvd-r. Also this way i have more of a chance (if i was reading it right) of making digital copies of my own films i made. But i guess when it comes down to it, ill take what i can get.

-- Doug (, April 16, 2000.

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