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Are there any programs that will allow me to rip from a dvd(using dvd player) and save it as a DAT(video cd format) file instead of Mpeg? Because my dvd/vcd player wont recognize mpeg.

-- shane rodda (, April 11, 2000


If you use a program like Adaptecs EZ CD Creators, Video Creator it will convert the mpg to a dat for you during the mastering process.

You really don't need a mpeg to dat converter. The burning process is where the dat is created.

-- Michael S. Gilmore (, April 11, 2000.

There are several other ways... You can email me and ask me personally or you can try not being so dumb you dipshit...

-- Luggage Wong (, May 09, 2001.

is there any programs that would alow me to convert dvd files to DAT files so i can copy dvd to vcd. please can you help. any infomation would be helpful

-- mustafa (, August 16, 2001.


I'd like to share the experience of the way to convert DVD's *.vob files to VCD's *.dat files.

Please use "Dvd2MpgSqueezer" or "FlaskMPEG" to convert DVD's "*.vob" files to MPEG-1 video files and MPEG Layer-2 audio files. You can also use Panasonic MPEG-1 Encoder to encode "DeCss" *.vob files.

The final step is to merge video and audio files by using "Xing MPEG Encoder" and select VCD format. Then you'll get *.mpg files and you'll be able to record to a CD-R to be a Video CD.

(Sorry, my English is poor.....)

-- Frederic (, August 21, 2001.

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