women and abuse from young people

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Can anyone help me out? I am in my last year of my Bachelor of Social Science Degree in Adelaide Australia, and part of my placement is to work in a community health service and run a program. I have been very fortunate to gain a placement in a local Womens community health centre and my project here is to plan, research, and co-facilitate a program that deals with women who are abused or experience violence from the young people in their lives (eg: children, grandchildren etc), I am interested to know if there is much information or research already undertaken on this subject and what the issues are for women. The workshops commence in the very beginning of May 2000, and I am busy in the research phase. If anyone has anything they feel may be beneficial to my program please email me at my home address. I thank you all in advance, and wish you all prosperity in all you do. Karen Harvey karenharvey@globalfreeway.com

-- Anonymous, April 10, 2000

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