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I could really use your help. I have the following setup : Athalon 600 128 RAM ATI All In Wonder (32 MB) SB Live! 2 Hard Drives (20 GIG EIDE and a 18.4 GIG Ultra Wide SCSI) I have every software package imaginable (you name I got it) and I am still having MAJOR problems trying to capture video. Is there anyway that anyone could email me as to how to do this? I tried to capture in Ulead MediaStudio Pro 6.0 and I keep getting a GPF with the ATI driver. I then tried to capture using Premiere and I got it to finally capture but there was no sound. I then captured using the ATI MMC 6.2 and not only was the picture green and MAJORLY distorted (you really couldn't see anything) and the audio quality was very low. I finally got it to capture and again the audio level was less than a whisper. Can you help me out? My whole reason for doing this in the first place is so I can convert my VHS tapes to VCD. I am going to play the VCD's I create on a home DVD player and to watch it there. I want to get the best possible quality I can get. Any suggestions? Should I capture at 352 x 240 or 640 x 480? Should I create a VCD or a SVCD? What setting should I set the capture clip to? I like Adobe Premiere if I could just get the audio to work with the video! I have read everything I can find on this subject and I even created a THICK manual on how to do this but I am just not getting it. Please help if you can... Thanks

-- Cale Ferguson (, April 10, 2000


Hi Cale,

I am not an expert, but here is what my ATI is doing.....

ATI MMC 6.2 is pretty reliable and straight forward. If you're having problem with it, then you're having some sort of conflict in the driver for it. Check your system hardware setup to see any conflict exist. Better yet remove and reinstall it.

I have used videowaveII for my ATI (what a waste of time) capture and i have to run the sound cable from my VCR straight to my SB card input jack instead of routing it through the ATI interface. Otherwise, i'd get no sound. It's a pain but that's how it works. I think MMC 6.2 is the only software that'll translate the sound for you through the interface connection. I'd use MMC 6.2 for capturing instead of third party software, better performance.

-- (, April 10, 2000.

Cale, this may help as I experienced something similar in the past:

1st. ALWAYS use the propietary software of your capture card for making the captures, don't trust the video editors.

2nd. If your card has its own audio capturing hardware (this means, you don't use your regular sound card for this) then it's possible the problem could be in Multimedia settings: Control Panel-->Multimedia: in Default Recording device the video card should be selected and not the sound card. Hope this helps.

-- Matias (, April 13, 2000.

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