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Hi ive seen a variety of summaries on how to unlock the Mock type monster in MR2 but have had no success as of yet. I was wondering if anyone has a more detailed explination, perhaps the others are leaveing out a step or requirement. if anyone has been succesful in unlocking the Mock please let me know how you did it.


-- Matt (theolddampeal@aol.com), April 09, 2000


All right, heres how it goes, First you must get to a certain rank and have your monster at a certain rank(Look in different sites to se exactly what rank), now, visit Aunt Verde, she will give you some seeds, and Colt will plant these automatically. When the tree has gotten to its final point in life, have your monster die(It cant be a Phoenix, it wont work if it is). After the funeral(Make sure that you hold a funeral!), the Mock will be waiting for you in your stable. Hope this helps.

-- Shadow Master (ShadowMast4@aol.com), April 10, 2000.

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