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Shania Twain, she's on the tele, she on the radio, she does adverts interviews, reviews the lot. At what is she known as? A country music artist! I remember line Dancing to her years ago and now, well shes more pop the country. It makes me sick to see her on stage with her beefy men and cheesey tunes, when she could be using her stardom to help promote country music and linedancing. She should be helping other bands like herself get into the lime light. She makes me sick. What do others think ?

-- Matt Freeman (, April 09, 2000


Matt, Shania Twain, although constantly on the radio with different re- mixes, has done alot for peoples opinion of country music, and in that has promoted line dancing. Also by getting stardom other country stars previiously unheard of in the pop world have come forward, LeAnn Rimes, Dixie Chicks Scooch etc And if i was havivg as much success with "Cheesy pop tunes"as her I cant say that I would change my music and performance to please the minority . To end,dont take this the wrong way! but if you dont like it, dont listen to it . try Brittney Spears instead much more deep and meaningful !!

-- samantha bibb (, May 20, 2000.

Matt, I agree 100%. Shania has to be the least "Country" Country artist I've ever heard. And Samantha, no offense intended, but in my opinion if Shania is bringing people's attention to Country Music it is the wrong kind of attention from the wrong groups of people. Country music does not need people clammering for more music like Shania's. It will lead to the further degredation to the country music sound. There ARE other genre's of music if you want to hear her techno, synthysized sound. But there's only one with fiddle's and steel guitars!

-- Aaron Melton (, November 23, 2002.

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