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Before I moved to the Skunk House in Dover, I lived in a studio over a garage in scenic Durham NH. Basically, I was paying $400 a month to live the Greg Brady lifestyle. Then my landlord rented it to some friends of hers without letting me renew my lease. I was unamused to say the least.

-- Brendan Impson (, April 09, 2000


Brendan, wassup! I enjoyed reading this page, if you get this email before you shoot off to Cali, email back, but have a great journey! I hope all goes well and you find everything you're looking for when you get out there! I leave for France in a month, so I'm counting down the days. Thanks for sharing some quite fantastic experiences at the skunk house! Give my regards to the fellows. As for me, I live in my van down by there river......... later, dudes :) Brook

-- brook (, May 10, 2000.


Hope your life is full of pleasentries or at least fun stuff to bitch about. Just popped in to see if there are any updates. As you can guess neither tim nor I have paid carol the $1300 she asked for in court fees and back rent. Leila is still living with us and things are going great. I havn't been arested latly and that is kind of a good trend I'm starting to learn how to not want to kill people. a good life skill they tell me, but how much fun can you have without a mortal enemy. Anyway Tim and I were just talking about ya and we miss hanging out. Dart games not the same without having to run for cover.

aaron (house arrests record holder)

-- Aaron (, November 03, 2000.

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