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Finally I bought ATI AIW 128 32 Mb.

Now I never understand why my other video program such as Ulead Video Studio 4.0, Assymetrix DVP 5.0, VideoWave III can NEVER recognize ATI capture device.

For example Ulead show me a message :


But if I use ATI TELEVISION from the Multimedia centre, the video capturing works allright.

Also I can never find how to make the mpg VCD compliant with this ATI, since it doesn't have the option PAL VCD or NTSC VCD.

Why ATI said mpg file is uneditable ? Because I can edit .mpg file with Ulead.

Oh...please I hope you will be kind enough to help me.......

Oh ya, if any of you who use VideoWave III, can you tell me, why I don't have " capture setting - show control-close" on my capture editor board ?

Thank you very much friends.


-- Sunar (, April 09, 2000


The 32Mb version has two capture drivers installed for you...ATI Rage Enhanced Theater capture driver and the ATI MultiMedia Capture driver. Don't use the Rage Enhanced Theater Capture driver, when you used third party software for capturing purposes. Use the other one and all will be well for you. As for VCD compliant features, go to the video tab and select your type of signal, NTSC or PAL. Next goto the VCR tab and select CIF NTSC 352x240 or CIF PAL 352x240 depends on the video signal that you've picked. Once that is done, click on the mpeg1 setting button. The first page will have a "DEFAULT" button on it, click on that button, and all the VCD compliant features will be set for you. I am assuming you are running MMC 6.2.

-- (, April 10, 2000.

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