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I'm making a top 10 list of the all-time greatest one-liners from the series. Any suggestions?

-- Paul D. Gilbreath (, April 09, 2000


AEON-ur drooling on me

TREVOR-I'm a genius there for i can afford to drool..

well something like was in the purge i believe.

-- Lady Morgan (, April 10, 2000.

Trevor: GET OUT!! I mean, I think I'll leave now.

or maybe

I have, I had, I will, I did. Don't I?

That's right, kill the damn messenger.

(Can you tell who my favorite character is in the series?)

Other good ones:

Blink once, you're dead. Blink twice, you're buried.

Man alive, Goodchild, you gimme the hinks.

-- Kiru B. (, April 10, 2000.

Well, it's not a one-liner, but my favorite quote from the series by far is spoken by Trevor in "Thanatophobia" (which I might actually like better than "The Purge"). It requires some set-up, and the set- ups are paraphrased I believe.

Trevor: One wish, and it's yours. Sybill: Anything? Trevor: Just, no heads on plates. I'm going to get a drink, would you like anything? Sybill: Hmm? Oh, um, no, no thank you. Trevor: Riiight. That would have been it you know.

The zoom-in on his face after he says "riiight" is so brilliant and funny. "Thanatophobia" seems to be only the third favorite of people, behind "The Purge" and "A Last Time For Everything." What do you guys think about it?

-- John McDevitt (, April 10, 2000.

How about "I'm just doing my weekly volunteer work with mental patients".

-- Barb e. (, April 10, 2000.

"Clean gloves hide dirty hands... and mine are dirtier than most."

-- Charlie Princeton (, April 10, 2000.

AEON-"Are you ready for the action now danger boy"?

Yeah i like last time for everything then the purge then tatnaphobia (have no idea how to spell it...

-- Lady Morgan (, April 11, 2000.

I can't think of any one-liners that haven't already been posted, but a quote I like is: "Whatdaya mean, 'delivery of ampules has been waylaid', I need them: now! Wait, I have an incoming - can you hold?" Not only is Trevor Goodchild the leader of Bregna, he's a pimp yo! heh heh Yeah, I like Thanatophobia as much as my other 2 favorites: The Purge and Utopia or Deuteronopia?

-- Stonce Anomi (, April 12, 2000.

Bambara - "Piss off!"

Aeon - "I won't argue over the colour of skeletons when they were horses"

countless others. . .

-- psyche (, April 13, 2000.

"You do not exist." - Fon in The Purge "Hi, my name is Bambara. I'm a 36-year old virgo and a former killer, whose hobbies include performing recreational autopsies, defecating and drinkin rum. I have recently been given a conscience, and would very much like to help you." lol

-- Stonce Anomi (, April 14, 2000.

Ahhh yes, "You're not a Breen" - "You do not exist." That's the best. Does anyone have any interpretations on that? Is it just like a "screw you" retort on Aeon's part? And what about that song that the boy sings in the food booths? I love that scene.

-- John McDevitt (, April 14, 2000.

Yeah, I'm sure the boy's observation has Fon pissing her pants, or whatever she has on, and she's repeating 'you do not exist' like a mantra in her mind to try and stay calm! lol j/k I think her remark could be taken as a simple retort, or it could be taken to mean that the boy poses no real threat to her mission, or that he should respect his elders, or a devastating combination of all these to nip the possible complication in the bud.

-- Stonce Anomi (, April 14, 2000.

"Piss off yourself, before my doggy gives you a terminal shafting!" - cripple in The Purge

-- Stonce Anomi (, April 18, 2000.


-- Frostbite (, April 20, 2000.

On second thought, that's really less of a one-liner and more of a one-worder

-- Frostbite (, April 20, 2000.

Most anything from Trev's monologues in Reraizure would be worth including.

-- eskimonkey (, May 02, 2000.

All Trevor's monologues kick ass (especially in The Demiurge), but don't really qualify as one-liners. My favorites from Reraizure are "key her up and throw away the lock", and "ripe fruit for picking, peel my skin!"

-- Paul D. Gilbreath (, May 02, 2000.

"That which does not kill us, makes us stranger." - Trevor, Thantophbia

-- D'Akano (, May 08, 2000.

Just because I'm not doing something doesn't mean I'm not capable of doing it-Aeon:the Purge

-- Mary Brody (Mary, May 13, 2000.

That's the funny thing about memories isn't it. We are not what we remember of ourselves...

-- divinity (, May 16, 2000.

"Well, I was involved in industrial espionage, domination, humiliation, white slavery, and false advertising. But now that I have my Custodian, I feel good - real good." Hostess Judy, "The Purge"

"I think your chef uses too much peregon (sic)." Aeon, "Chronophasia"

"But now that you're here, the standard method of procreation does suddenly seem appealing." Trevor, "A Last Time for Everything"

"What is it, Number Two? Don't you have enough thoughts to suppress?" Trevor, "Isthmus Crypticus"

Those are just some of my favorites.

-- TGoodchild (, June 24, 2000.

We are what people say we are.... They project upon us thier convictions --we are nothing but blank screens

-Trevor Goodchild

-- Lady Morgan (, June 24, 2000.

And so deprived of eternity, we are left to live in the here and now in mid our vanities, our fears, our petty flaws, but it is out there waiting for us and it will not be denied. --trevor

-- Lady Morgan (, June 27, 2000.

I have no conscience, you know what I mean.

-- Barb e. (, June 29, 2000.

Cybill - "Hey Onan remember when you gave me these?" Onan - "Come woman we are free we need no possesions!!"

Aeon - "Forget it Onan"

Ĉon - "These things take time"

Trevor - "You allready know shes a double agent, why not make her one literally?"

Travor - "Just don't be here in the morning"

Aeon - "Im putting you'r labito under Monican athority"

Cybill - "Us Breens are spoiled rotten arent we? you mite as well take us in the street and shoot us"

-- Onan (, November 30, 2002.

Jesus, doesnt anyone remember the greatest one liner of them all?

"Insanity IS the way"

I rest my case.

-- zach the new lurker (, December 04, 2002.

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