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hi guys, hope u can help. i am a disappointed owner of an ATI AIW 128 32mb. 1) i tried to capture avi from a VHS player(using vcr2 compression) with both ATi intrinsic software and virtualdub. All resulted in an avi that can be viewed but could not be encoded into mpeg1 vcd format.(xing, panasonic)It would just hang mid-way. Must i really capture in full mpeg/indeo raw/ yuy2 for encoding. i only have 6gigs now for an hour capture. 2) Is panasonic encoded files still not compatible with the newest nero? 3) Will buying u160 scsi hdd/card make a difference to the capture(to decrease drop frames)? I'm keen for subsequent capture 720x480 for svcd if i'm successful with vcds. Would a huge ide7200 hdd like maxtor dm40 suffice?

-- kyon tan (, April 09, 2000


Even the latest version of Panasonic encoder doesn't support OpenDML so the largest file one can input into it is 2Gb. This is probably your problem, so it just hangs when reaching the 2Gb mark. Why not try capturing AVI files >1Gb and >2Gb large and test encode these with the Panasonic, noting how it reacts?? VirtualDub for example can capture up to 4Gb or so per file; it has a spillout feature, though, that can be enabled such that when capturing reaches, say, 1.95Gb a new file is automatically made. When capturing finishes you have a series of 1.95Gb files on your HDD. These can be encoded with the Panasonic and later on joined together as one MPEG clip with VCDCutter, for example.

-- EMartinez (, April 09, 2000.

i'm afraid my files are <1gig.

-- kyon tan (, April 10, 2000.


Is there a reason why u are working with AVI format from an ATI card? If you are encoding with panasonic anyway, why not use mpeg1 format? ATI is using mpeg1/mpeg2 compression algorithym anyway for it's VCR1 & VCR2 file format. Using Mpeg1 at higher bitrate (3200kb/s) and reencoding it back to VCD and see if you like what you see. This will resolved a lot of headache for you with file size limitation that AVI has. Quality wise, AVI or Mpeg from ATI card are about the same.

-- (, April 10, 2000.

wingstarzz, thanx a million. It worked beautifully with nero4092. (however, panasonic2.3 encoding always report an 'aborted encoding' message with 'unable to obtain framerate, then again vcd-mpg is still produced in the hdd) Months ago, i had difficulty getting the older nero(i think 4072) to accept resized panacoded files to produce vcd- cmpliant files. All this time, i've fiddling and i must say nearly givenup on avi capture/encdong. Next question: if done properly, will the final quality be better after resizing with highbitrate capture or high resolution eg 640x480 and lower bitrate capture. Other permutations? i seemed to have dropped frames at above bitrate 2800 capture. (my system: p3 500, 128 pc100ram) i suppose, at the end of day, it is still better with svcd format 480x480 as the vcd image is still so 'blur' compared to the vhs original.

-- kyon tan (, April 12, 2000.


-- mohamed mostafa (, December 12, 2000.

Hi, I'm triying to work with Avi format, specifically capturing Frames from a video secuence.I'm working with visual studio C++ libaries, but it is too dificult to me at moment. Where can I find some information or examples in order to how use these libraries.

-- Pablo Varela (, August 17, 2002.

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