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I need some help on playing a VCD that I bought a while ago. When I put the VCD into my CDRom-Drive (50X Creative Lab), or my DVD-Drive (3rd Gen. 6X Toshiba), I can only see the folders (4 or 5 of them) with not many files that are so small (90KB max). A "properties" check on the VCD itsefl showed it only has 2.0MB totoal on the VCD. I'm thinking that this might be a pirated version of the movie, but not sure yet. Any help will be very much appreciated.

-- Ngo Viet (, April 09, 2000


Assuming that VCD is true-blue and all VCDs behave in the same way on your PC, then maybe the way your PC is configured is such that the tracks listed in the MPEGAV folder cannot be accessed; you can see only the first track which contains the VCD instruction folders and files.

-- EMartinez (, April 09, 2000.

Windows 'properties' will report an 80 minute VCD disc as having a capacity of only 2.12 MB, even though your mpeg .dat files may total over 700 MB. Your VCD is most likely an 80 minute CD-R disc. Also, some CD-ROM players are not capable of playing 80 minutes discs properly.

-- TOMO (, April 11, 2000.


Tell me if you have a VCD or a DVCD ?

-- Angel (, April 16, 2000.

okay i have 40gigs of karaoke vcd in mah com ...u need to copy the .dat file over to ur hard drive usin any cd-rom it the .dat file should be there.........can ya help me out i'm lookin for vcd .dat karaoke .dat files

-- ben ngo (, January 10, 2001.

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