Ikeda Anba or Nagaoka 4x5 wood field cameras

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Hello All,

Anyone know if the Nagaoka or Ikeda Anba 4x5's are still being produced? If they are, where can I buy one new? Thanks for any info.

-- Ross Martin (rossemartin@msn.com), April 08, 2000


Hi Ross,

Ikeda camera has been closed. So you won't able to new Ikeda Anba anymore. The Nagaoka is still working. Their field view cameras are really similar to Ikedas', lightweight and less expensive.

Hope this will help.

-- Shigehiro Ishii (zone9pmk@fd.catv.ne.jp), April 09, 2000.

I shoot 5x7 with the Anba & it is a nice package. Light & easy to use and inexpensive. Canham makes a much nicer camera but I don't seem to miss any images with the one I have, so when I move up to a Canham it will be because of the sturdier build greater bellows length.

-- Dan Smith (shooter@brigham.net), April 10, 2000.

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