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Anyone have a clue to what his Poem "Alone" means. I understand it up until about the 4th line and than he loses me. My guess is that he feels soooo far away from everyone Anything would be helpful

-- Anonymous, April 08, 2000


The poem "Alone" represents the loneliness that he feels. Poe knows that he was born, and that is all he has in common with anyone. Poe tells of how he loved but all by himself. He tells of the uniqueness he has, but it makes him feel very alone. Like other people of an extreme intelligence, being different is lonely.

-- Anonymous, April 10, 2000

i had to analyze this poem for a class...this is what i got from it... he's saying that ever since he was born, he saw and took the world in differently than everyone else. not badly, just dofferently. he found beauty in the uncommon things, not the typical. and he felt that he was the only one who did "and all i lov'd - i lov'd alone -" and what everyone else found was beautiful, he thought the opposite "of a demon in my view" have you seen American Beauty? well the guy with the camera, he had the same idea i think. i hope that helps

-- Anonymous, July 26, 2000

i have been looking for that poem and maybe i could tell you if i read it if so could someone send it to me

-- Anonymous, January 23, 2002

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