47mm lens for 5"x4"

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I am looking for a (very) wide lens for 5"x4" and believe that there is a Tessar-type lens, which I believe is a "Doktor" in 47mm. Can anyone tell me (a) anything about it, e.g. aberations, image quality, coverage re: shift movements (b) Where to buy, in the U.K. Either new or second hand Thanks, Garry

-- Garry Edwards (creativephoto60@hotmail.com), April 08, 2000



A Tessar-type 47mm will never cover 4x5. That said, I have not heard of the Docter 47mm.

The only 47mm that I know of that will cover 4x5 is Schneider's 47mm Super Angulon XL.

-- Tan (kahheng@pacific.net.sg), April 08, 2000.

Gary, I considered the Schneider 47mm, but the MTF curves looked very poor 60% out towards the edges compared to Rodenstock's 55mm. If you do not have to go that wide (47mm) you may want to consider the Rodenstock 55mm. I am very happy with my 55mm lens and its available NEW for about $825 grey market in USA. Hope this helps.

-- Bill Glickman (bglick@pclv.com), April 08, 2000.


I am not sure if that is a 'fair' comparison since you're comparing a 47mm lens with a 55mm. Perhaps you could compare the 55mm Grandagon with the 58mm XL?

But I agree with you that the 55mm Grandagon is an excellent lens though.

Regards Tan

-- K H Tan (kahheng@pacific.net.sg), April 09, 2000.

I was going to mention that next, but figured it was not relevant to what the poster was asking since he was considering 47mm and 55mm was closer... but yes I agree, not a fair comparison, 55 vx 47mm.

Yes, I did compare the 55 to the 57XL, and the MTF curves looked much better on the 55mm, hence my reason for going with the Rodenstock 55 vs the Schneider 57mm XL.

I would like to point out, that I have never confirmed that a lens with a better MTF curve actually performs better in the field. It is my understanding that MTF curves are calculated mathematicaly, they are not the result of actual physical tests. So please take that into consideration also. I am simply beleiving the MTF math when making these decisions. If anyone else can comment on how reliable MTF curves are in actualy film tests, it sure would be helpful..

-- Bill Glickman (bglick@pclv.com), April 09, 2000.

The Schneider 47mm F/5.6XL Super Angulon and the Rodenstock 45mm f/5.6 Apo-Grandagon will both cover a 4x5 image. The Schneider 47mm F/5.6XL Super Angulon projects a larger image circle when focused at infinity so you have more rom for movements, but it ain't much. Both lenses need a centerweighted neutral density filter for even coverage from center to corner. My experience with the Schneider 47mm F/5.6XL Super Angulon is that it is a very fine lens, and I am not a Schneider fan.

-- Ellis Vener (evphoto@insync.net), April 10, 2000.

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