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I have been trying to help with questions asked on the BB in recent days. For any TA to be able to help we need some important information from those asking questions. We need to know what the exact questions are (preferably numbers either from the text or from CALM.) With CALM if you give the section and problem number we still don't know which exact instance of that problem you are working on without the problem ID number.

We also need to know more than "I am getting the wrong answer." It would be better to give all the information you can. For instance, it would be nice to know what answers you are getting when you work the problem, and the method you used to get these asnwers. If you tried to calculate something the wrong way, we can quickly tell you you are using the wrong formula----if we know the formula you are using.

Sometimes (especially with CALM) the problems people are having are as simple as not carrying the answer out to the right number of decimal places. If given the answer people are trying to plug in, we can tell if this is the case, and tell you you DO know how to do the problem.

Just some thoughts to try to allow us to help you better.

-- Anonymous, April 07, 2000


why are my suitemates and I not given any credit for correctly answered problems? wzup wit dat!!!!!!!!!!!

-- Anonymous, April 07, 2000

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