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Maybe this question can raise some smile, but at present time i don't have lot of $$$ for a Mpeg2 capture card, but the SVCD format looks intresting. I can record video with my Mpeg1 card at 352x240, 30 fps, 44.1 stereo 16bit, and using the highest bitrate available (seems 3.0 Mb) the quality is good. Instead of converting this stream in the classic VCD format, will like to try the SVCD one. What Mpeg2 encoders can do that, going from mpeg1 to mpeg2, with the appropriate resizing (480x480)? Sure the result wouldn't be so good as if i was using a mpeg2 capture board... but at least i will keep the high bitrate video stream and have a standard kind of disc that i can play on my standalone player (Apex 600, does svcd play). The result will be something better than straight VCD.



-- Jean-Luc Picard (, April 07, 2000


just letting you know that the Apex will only read a video bitrate of 2500 no higher, if its higher then this the pic/audio will slightly skip

-- Doug (, April 07, 2000.

Thank for the indication; i was aware that 2.7 is the max allowed for SVCD, and a real estimate of the project i'm doing now will need 2.1 max in SVCD mode (+- 45 minutes). Going from 320x240 (think this resolution is better for the cconversion, since is a straight 4:3) to 480x480 will need to add 50% horizontal and 100% vertical, but with the higher rate this can be compensate without too much blockness.

-- Jean-Luc Picard (, April 07, 2000.

Hi Jean-Luc,

I also have APEX A600 and a good matrox that I can capture at 704X480 @3000Mb/s.

fist of all, the APEX will play MPEG1 352X240, 352X480, 704X480, MPEG2 352X480, 480X480(SVCD standard), 704X480 all at full screen.(not like some other stand alone DVD for exemple the Pioneer 525)

I tried all those format, also tried XVCD and SVXD, it turn out that an XVCD give pretty much the same picture quality as an SVCD, it's just that's it's not a standard.

So my suggestion to you is just capture your file at 352X240@3000Mb/s, then encode it with panasonic to MPEG1 352X240@2500Mb/s then use NERO and burn a non standard VCD (this give you a XVCD)

You can use Demux your Panasonic MPEG1 and use I-author, this can work to, (this would give you non standard SVCD)

or use VitualDub to resize then use lsx encoder to encode to MPEG2 (you can get a SVCD here)

Like I said, your best chose is XVCD at 352X240 @2500Mb/s for what you have it would be better then SVCD (quality wise) and much less work.

Good Luck


-- Tuan Tran (, May 12, 2000.

Try EasyX Video Converter. It will convert, MPEG1 to MPEG2, among other formats.

Are you trying to burn VCD's or SVCD's and your burning software is telling you that you don't have the MPEG1 CODEC that was used to create the original video file or something to that affect?

I had a similar problem using Nero Express.

Hope you find the program useful. Oh, you can download it at

Good luck.

-- D (, November 06, 2003.

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