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Hey guys and gals- I was just wondering - has anyone out there seen Drowning Mona - the new C.A. movie where his hair is blond!? I know some of you have and have probably mentioned it in other postings but I was just wondering what yall thought about the movie - I've heard mixed reviews and just wanted the opinions of some true Casey fans - thanks a million!

-Ms. Elizabeth

Oh yes and, just a note, I'm currently working on my first screenplay- and one of the characters is made just for Casey! Ha ha!

-- Elizabeth (, April 06, 2000


elizabeth, yes, i've seen it twice. great movie! really really funny. everyone in it did a wonderful job in portraying their smalltown characters, really some GREAT acting all around, i thought. and of course casey was superb in it. adorable as usual. but yeah, DEFINITELY a go and see movie. definitely worth your while. i dragged my friend, who's not an avid casey fan like me, with me, and we had an awesome time. it does move sort of slowly, but it's interesting and hilarious the whole way through. and they use a cool flashback sequence throughout that i thought was really clever. you know what it's about, right?

-- Susi-Q (, April 06, 2000.

AH yes I loved that movie so much so I saw it about 1230410234978 times hee hee...yes. I love Casey!!

-- Vicki Jensen (, April 07, 2000.

I don't really know much about the movie at all - what is it about? Good question- I'll definetly see it. Oh yes, one more note, although both Casey-less, The Cider House Rules and American Beauty are absolute MUST SEE MOVIES! They are probably the two best films of the 1999 year, and very worthy of the oscars they both recieved - two thumbs up to both of them!

~Ms. Elizabeth

-- Elizabeth (, April 08, 2000.

ah yes well Drowning mona is about this little town in upstate NY called Verplanks. They all have Yugos (a type of car) and One day Mona Dearly goes in her sons car and her brakes start to fail and she flies into the river/lake...whatever it is. Danny Devito who plays a cop...does not think it was an accident and he asks people that knew MOna about find out that NO ONE liked her at all. Some of the suspects..her husband who was having an affair with a waitress (jamie lee Curtis)....her son who has one hand and was a landscaper...Bobby (CASEY AFFLECK!!!) who was a landscaper and treated badly by MOna and her family, Eleen(or something like that) played by Neve Campbell who is living with Bobby and they are about to get married and she is the Cops daughter...there are other people in it too. Anyway It is really really funny and you see a lot of Casey and I recommend you go see it. OOOO what is American Beauty about?...Email me that response since it has nothing to do with Casey at all. ~VICKI~

-- Vicki Jensen (, April 08, 2000.

Great movie! Definitely worth seeing if you are in the mood to laugh your tush off! :)

-- *Me* (, April 09, 2000.

As soon as I heard Casey was in it I went to the movies I gotr up to the ticket guy and he said' Sorry Miss but since noone hasn't been going to that movie its not playing any longer" It was suck a bummer!!!! I have to wait for video!

-- blank (, June 02, 2000.

blank, same thing happened to me at two theaters, but i did finally find one still showing it.

-- Susi-Q (, June 03, 2000.

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