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Can you tell me about the various neighborhoods west of Twin Peaks and what years they were developed? I am specifically interested in Merced Manor, Lakeside, Lakeshore areas plus Parkmerced. When were they built and who were the developers for each? (i.e. Gellert, Stoneson, Doelger are names that have been mentioned) Also, do you know how many units were built and how they were financed? (VA loans

-- Nancy (, April 06, 2000


At the beginning of the 19th century, the West of Twin Peaks area had three principal owners. The Sutro Estate owned the hills. The Parkside Development company was aquiring the sparsely settled flat lands we now call the Sunset/Parkside. The Spring Valley water Company owned the Lake Merced areas including the present site of SF state and Stonestown. The tract covered west of 19th Avenue and Sout of Sloat to the County line. The Sutro area (including Saint Francis Woods, Balboa Terrace, Ingleside Terrace all had separtate developers. In the Sunset, houses were built by a variety of builders-- Doelger is one of them. The building boom was occasioned by the completion of the West Portal tunnel.

The Spring Valley lands were parceled into some Golf Courses (Ingleside Golf Course) before they became Lakeside etc. the Park merced/Stonestown/SF State development was after WWII.

Hope this helps.



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