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what would cause an error message to show up that simply says "error during processing" when I'm processing a Freehand EPS file on one computer with Onyx 4.5, yet the same file rip's just fine on another of the same type computer also running 4.5. Postershop gives no further info on the error. Also the file will rip on the problem computer if I scale it to half size. Why would this matter during the interpretation portion of the rip where the error occurs?

-- Anonymous, April 05, 2000


Similar situation here Erik. Just recently, i had problems with a photoshop 5.5 eps file. if i opend the file in illustrator 8.0 and saved it out as an illustrator eps file it would work. However, like you, if the photoshop file was scaled down in my case 60%, it would then proc

-- Anonymous, April 19, 2000

Just memory issues... Get more main memory and/or temp space on your drives.. PosterShop is using the memory and the drive. You need space on your drive where the \TEMP folder is located and also where the internal RIP ...\TMP folder is located. Leave the C-Drive alone.. No user data on there. NT allows 4095MB on this "first partition". Just install Nt and PosterShop there. Your pagefile should be: Start size:=Main memory Maximum size = Main memory x 2 Install the queues on drive D: (if possible). Do not forget to reassign the PSTRSHOP.SRV volume to the new input (on D: \ONYXSERV\Input for example). I think, this will help...

-- Anonymous, April 19, 2000

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