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Anyone have some information on a Graphex 90mm 6.8 Opar lens? I couldn't find it listed in the section on older lenses. Is it worth considering for landscapes and general photography? How much movement,etc. Thanks to anyone who might help.

-- Don Sparks (, April 05, 2000


Don: The 90mm Optar I once owned was an adequate lens as far as sharpness was concerned but had limited movements. It was o.k. for press cameras, but not enough image circle for view camera work. It does not compare very well with the more modern wide angle lenses. I find that I use a lot of front rise in landscape photography, and the Optar couldn't cover the corners. Doug.

-- Doug Paramore (, April 05, 2000.

Check this site for lots of info on LF lenses: . I believe this lens is the same as the Wollensak WA Raptar f/6.3. Wollensak made lenses for Graphlex for many years rebadged as Graphlex Optars. I think in the 60's, Graphlex lenses were made by Rodenstock, but I am not sure exactly when this happened. This is a decent performer within its limits, the biggest limitation being coverage, as Doug has already mentioned. It does cover 4x5, so be careful to keep the optical axis centered on the film when you use tilts.

-- Ron Shaw (, April 05, 2000.

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