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I am taking my 11-year old daughter to London (her first visit) on a father-daughter trip next week. I would be very interested to hear recommendations on sites that might be particularly appropriate for someone of her age, who is very open to new experiences.

One recommendation we have received is to spend time in the City Museum, tracing the history of the city from the time of the Romans. I got the impression that this would provide a real hands-on experience, and give her a feel for the passage of time and changing influences. You know, we here in the United States are subject to such influences of fads, and there is so much pressure on our youth to keep up with what is new, that I thought it would be especially valuable for my daughter to begin to appreciate the value of things that stand the test of time.

Any ideas or recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Also, one specific need we have is to find lodging on the evening of Tuesday, April 18th, when we will be catching a showing of The Lion King (my one concession to popular culture). I thought it would be best to try to find a place near the theater, if there was something affordable.

-- Michael Gottlieb Berney (, April 05, 2000

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