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I just wanted to know the correct procedure to converting from VHS to VCD....

I have done so in the past with success... but i have noticed that after 20mins... on playback the audio is out of sync with the picture... eg.. when someone talks it takes about 2sec for the audio to catch up... i noticed this when ripping the movie Blast from the Past....

What is the best way to do this.. with no syncing problems..???

-- Mitch (, April 05, 2000


You have 2 ways to do that : 1 - you encode harwarely with a capture card as Miro DC10 in Mjpeg, then you encode softwarely in Mpeg 1 or 2 with a software such as adobe Premiere, but it is very slow, about 4h30 encoding for 15mn movie. 2 - you encode directly from you source (VCR) with a capture card ATI all in wonder 128 in mpeg hardwarely, it is done in real time, 1h movie = 1h encoding. You can create a video CD with a software as Easy Cd creator release 3.5c or 4. Warning : to create a video Cd, your Mpeg file must be in 352x240, 30ips for NTSC and 352x288, 25ips for PAL. If you use a file 320x240, it doesn't work Best regards.

-- Pierre CHAUDEAU (, April 05, 2000.

How do you get the copy protection off the movie?

-- Chip Anthony (, April 07, 2002.

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