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Ok, if you guys n gals have the stomach for it, here's some fun stuff from the Church of Euthansasia.

go for it - best-of-genre "humans as cancer on the earth" essay, fetus cannibalism in China, "For America to Live, Europe Must Die" (Means), and other delicacies.

Church of Euthanasia, e-sermons and other cool stuff

-- Scott (lynx5_5@hotmail.com), April 04, 2000


So I went over to that site, Scott, and I clicked here Hallyx@aol.com), April 06, 2000.

Whoops..my message got wiped.

I went to that site and checked out the Jeremy Rifkin speech. I've always liked JR. He's been a warrior since before I was even aware. I like his writing style and, now, his speaking style.

It's a message that bears repeating over and over and over. Something to put in the timecapsule or through the neck of the bottle before we throw it into the seas of time. Think I can stretch this metaphor any further. Hmmm...something to think about over a bottle found in the ruins of......oh, never mind..


-- (Hallyx@aol.com), April 07, 2000.

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