effect of vitamin c (ascorbic acid) on the rising of bread.

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please please can you tell me why ascorbic acid is used in the production of bread??? it is for my a-level coursework i have search the net for hours looking for the answer.

-- Anonymous, April 04, 2000


According to a baker I talked with, ascorbic acid is used as an oxidant. It helps produce more gas in the gluten structure to help make the bread rise. Ascorbic acid is very good for you (it is vitamin c).

-- Anonymous, April 06, 2000

Vit C is good for you but like youghert culture, yeast, and miso and other good things they are killed by heat. Temp low like 90 to 120. Finished bread is somewhere between 180 - 200

-- Anonymous, May 03, 2000

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