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Why did Mr. Chandler's brother kill himself? Just fed up with life or what? Why did he chose Christmas? Any suggestions??

-- Anonymous, April 04, 2000


I was also somewhat puzzeled by this man. But when you think of it, he was probable depressed. He had no wife or family, otherwise they would have been there with him. It said that Mrs. Chandler was the only one in the family who wanted him there, and would acknowledge him. I think this man was a manic depressive and couldn't live his life anymore. He chose Christmas morning because he saw all the family together and it just made him

-- Anonymous, April 10, 2000

I think Ann Petry put the brother's suicide in the book to show that white people have problems too. She shows us that even though you have money and success, you are not immune to problems because of it.

-- Anonymous, June 20, 2000

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