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Well silly Jilly dear

The point of the web based list is that everyone that want's to read dribble can and those who don't get bothered by a sea of dribble. I have missed several gems, because i was missed out of a dribblers Reply list, whereas Ranjeeta was lucky to be included. By going to the web, saying somethihng and joining up you will be guaranteed to be kept up to date with the inane ramblings of all dribblers. Not only that you can humiliate yourself by giving friends the web address and they can read your complete back catalogue of shopping stories etc.

Any MORE questions?

At 7:04 pm +0100 3/4/00, Jill Durose wrote: I have to agree with my pal Larraine, what was wrong with the dribble list??? nice comfy emails coming into my box, I didn't need to get on the net and click on posts to view or be online to type responses.......I can see the reasoning behind it, but not too many of us are world travellers : ) Jilly confused D

-- Anonymous, April 03, 2000


I though all you dopes were with FREE ISPs. Thats the line you sell me constantly. I am still with BTinternet but it costs me 9.99 a month with all calls in the evening free and at weekends. Also, I feel a sense of loyalty to them

-- Anonymous, April 05, 2000

This is costing me a packet!

net Schwester

-- Anonymous, April 05, 2000

I have a suggestion that might help while we all wait for the 'free lunch' that is supposed to arrive via BT, namely free phone calls to the Internet so we can be on 27/7 and forget about actula reality AR (something like VR but worse)

How about this; After getting a reply to one of your loquacious posting sent to your email client from this web site, you can go offline and compose a suitable acidic reply. Then paste in into the web site as soon as you are connected again. Use a book mark in your browser or use the link from the mail you received.

Hope that helps. sj

-- Anonymous, April 05, 2000

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