Poes veiw of death

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I am doing a paper on Poes veiws of death, got any sources I can use?

-- Anonymous, April 03, 2000


He thought his wife was a hoe

-- Anonymous, April 03, 2000

It seemes to me, after reading much of his work, that Poe was obsessed with death. This might have been brought on by his depression, I am not sure. But it also seemes to be that he was obsessed with his dead wife also. When you read his work like " Anabelle Lee " he is mourning over his dead wife. I hope this helps answer your question.


-- Anonymous, April 06, 2000

I am doing a report on the same thing so if you get any useful information please email it to me.

-- Anonymous, May 14, 2000

I'm currently doing a report on Poe too. My report his about how his personal life influenced his stories. When he was only like 2 or 3 both his parents died. when he was 20 his stepmother dies, and only a few years later his wife died. he saw death as such a normal thing because he was surrounded by it. because of this he was very depressed. for him it was sort of a "death in life" well, i hope that helped at least a little.

-- Anonymous, May 31, 2000

I might have some answers.From what I know he was very obsessed with death including his poems. When he was 2 both parents died,20 step mother died 3 years later his wife died. So thats why a I belive he drank to much and died.I hope that will help you with your project.

-- Anonymous, February 27, 2001


-- Anonymous, June 07, 2002

im doing a paper on poes eairly years or his later life so if u can help me on that tell me where to go n search it up it would be lotz of help thanx Samantha

-- Anonymous, December 09, 2002

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