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I have a lot of VHS-video's and want to put them on VCD or DVD. I will buy a new computer sometime this year and am trying to find out which hard- and software I'll need. I want to be able to edit the material and play it on TV. What type of processor do I need What kind of software is available What kind of writer / player is advisable What kind of video and music card is requierd.

Thank you

-- Marcel Schoof (mm.schoof@zeeland.nl), April 03, 2000


ReelDVD www.Scenarist.com You will also need a encoder like Cinemaster to encode it to mpeg2 format. You can then burn it to DVD or CDR.

-- Joe (joebob@aol.com), April 04, 2000.

I think the most simple is to encode harwarely the movie with a capture/video card such as an ATI all in wonder 128 directly in Mpeg 1 or 2. Your CPU must be minimum PII 450 or PIII 500 for Mpeg 2. You must also a sound card as SB PCI 128. Warning, to make a video CD, you have to encode in 352x240, 30ips for NTSC and 352x288 25ips for PAL.Best regards.

-- Pierre CHAUDEAU (pchaudea@oce.fr), April 05, 2000.

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