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You know I've got one and I'll bet you do, too. A best friend that you share everything with, someone you're so close to that sometimes it feels like you're reading each other's minds. Do men have friendships like this? Or is this some sort of female thing? If it is, why?

-- Anonymous, April 02, 2000


My sister is my best friend. We communicate without words and can tell each other everything. I have never held back from her, she never judges, but is always there to help pick up the pieces. Since I have moved 3000 miles away from her, I feel a bit bereft of one to share with. Well, I will deal with it. Anyway, that is my very best friend.

-- Anonymous, April 03, 2000

Yeah, my neighbour Wendy. We do the facial expression thingy too. We often call each other at the same time, screwing up our phones. We are #1 on each other's speed dial. Our kids answer to either one of us.

She's twice as big as me, 13 years older and a whole lot gruffer and I love her to death. She described our relationship one time as her being my favourite aunt, rather than fill-in maternal figure.

-- Anonymous, April 03, 2000

I can assure you it's not a female thing. I have that relationship with my best friend Tim. Although we have dealt with the male/female complications many, many, MANY times over the years (as you, who read my journal, well know) we still are total twin souls, I swear it. We finish each other's sentences, call each other at the same time, and have the best rapport in the world. People swear we are together because of the way we act. I am also really close with my little sister. So I'm lucky to have two of those wonderful relationships. :)

-- Anonymous, April 04, 2000

My best friend Amy and I went shopping together for the firs time the other day, and with our backs turnred to eachother picked out an outfit and said this is cute, turned around and we were holding the same outfit. After sveral hours of this we decieded toeat. At McDonalds we ordered. When asked if we needed salt or ketchup, we said no, but at the same exact time Amy and I asked for mayo and hot mustard. Not realizing we were going to use it for the samething, we sat down and both of us dipped our fries in mayo and hot mustard. Finally, Amy went on a trip to Canada. At the same time that I was here in Michigan, having a seizure, my Amy was in Canada getting a chill through her whole body. I have no doubt that Amy and I are twin souls.

-- Anonymous, December 14, 2002

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