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Wonder is some knows where to find details of this plan to build a Fairmont-Hotel-like structure north of the Sutro Baths. Saw an ad of March 16, 1927 in the Chronicle, and found out that the architects were Miller & Pflueger; the project office was on 105 Montgomery (now the Charles Schwab building). Do have a phone number from 1927/28 which is Sutter-3942, but would need to find out which group was behind this development on Point Lobos.

-- Wolfgang Schubert (, April 02, 2000


This might be related.

I have the June 12, 1926 "San Francisco Newsletter" with an article on page 18 about a proposal called the "Club Farallon". The drawing looks vaguely like the Mark Hopkins. The caption on the drawing says "Historic Spot of City to be Adorned"--Plans call for Million Dollar Club--Membership to be Limited.

It was going to be in Sutro Heights. The article describes an observation lounge, card rooms (separate ones for men and women), a billiard room, an "old English Grill", a "Grandview Roof Garden", a coffee shop, and other recreational and entertainment facilities. The article says the site is "...a block and a half in area, faces Harding Boulevard and just one block above Sutro Baths".

The seller of the land, Miss Elizabeth Nussbaum, was represented by McKinstry, Haber, and Firebaugh (sounds like Fleeceum, Grabbit, and Splitt) and the buyers by White & McAuliffe. The syndicate was headed by Justice B. Detwiler.

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-- Joe Thompson (, April 11, 2000.

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