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Hey, Mike, here's another suggestion... How about borrowing (with the appropriate permissions where courtesy would indicated) some of the most usefull postings and faq's, credit them so people will know where they came from, and put them here on your message board as 'seeds' to get the ball rolling? I noticed you asked B Campbell about setting up categories, too. That's a good idea. Over at, they have a huge message board with lots of usefull info, but it's really hard to sort out the stuff you need. That's why I hang out on B Campbell's board most of the time. See you later!

-- locke (, April 02, 2000


Then again, maybe you don't need 'starter' messages. While I was typing the above message, you had 2 new posts. Looks like your getting off to a good start!

-- locke (, April 02, 2000.

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