old linhof help.....

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hi, i have anold linhof the serial no. is 3414 and i want to know if it is good or not and what model it is PLEASE ANSWARE ME. THANKS. tamir sher

-- tamir sher (t_sher@netvision.net.il), April 02, 2000


3414 is part of aseries of Linhof Color 45 monorails made from 9/58 to 5/62. The series began with #3001 so yours is closer to 58 then 62.

There are no repair parts available from the factory but accessories are readily available. It uses the same lensboards and viewing devices as the Master Technika and the Technikardan 45 cameras.

-- Bob Salomon (bobsalomon@mindspring.com), April 02, 2000.

I had one of these cameras and thought it had some great features. Sort of combining both the advantages of a Technika and monorail camera.

But, I experienced flare with this camera that I didn't experience with my Deardorff. (Even w/a bellows lenshood.) I suspect it was susceptable because the bellows fastened to the rear standard just adjacent to the 4" sides of the 4x5 format. I theorized that extraneous light could easily reflect off the bellows and onto the film.

Since then, I only purchase cameras that include clearance between where the bellows connects to the rear and the film. Wisner's are designed this way, so is the 4x5 Arca-Swiss, and any 5x7 with a reducing 4x5 back will have ample space.

-- neil poulsen (neil.fg@worldnet.att.net), April 03, 2000.

Thanks Neil, you just put words on something I suspected but could'nt define! (flare)

-- Paul Schilliger (pschilliger@vtx.ch), April 03, 2000.

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