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I was wondering if New Sankyo Camera is still in business. I read some old messages on this forum talking about super low prices for lenses like the schneider super symmar XL 110. I tried to email Tony at, but I did not get a response. How do I get in touch with this store? Do they still have good prices? Is this legal?

-- Jon Miller (, April 02, 2000


From the U.S. perspective, it is legal. You will get an annual record from Fed Ex which shows the custom tax you paid (it's included in the shipping charge) when you buy from the New Sankyo Camera Co. Keep this for your records.

-- Edie Rothman (, April 02, 2000.

You have the correct email. I got a response this morning. The answer you're looking for is $1155 plus shipping. Amazing huh? TK

-- Tom Keenan (, April 02, 2000.

Ditto to above. Just got my 110. Cost $1071 + $30 (S&H) + $34 US Customs duty. Very pleased.

-- Jeff hompson (, April 02, 2000.

I am going to have Jeff negotiate prices for me in the future.

-- Tom Keenan (, April 03, 2000.

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