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My name is Gary, and I'm the host of this virtual patio party. I brought you all here for two reasons:

  1. selfishly, perhaps, to provide some valuable feedback on my haiku-for-kidults project, and
  2. unselfishly, perhaps, to provide a public space where we all can learn a little something.

Me, I live in San Francisco, am 52, and write and edit for a living. This haiku project would be my fourth book. A publisher's interested, who're just making the transition into children's books. Thus two things have befallen me which have initiated some of this discussion:

  1. finding illustrators, as they don't have a rolodex of children's illustrators, and
  2. researching further the institutional market for the book, so they can recoup some initial expenses for what might be a high ticket item.

    I look forward to meeting you all face-to-face, in real-time, over some steaming Chinese food ...

    thank you!

    -- Anonymous, April 01, 2000

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