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Can someone please enlighten me as to what batch processing is.

-- ric (, April 01, 2000


Batch processing means to "process a batch of files at once". So, for example, if you recorded a TV show off air, and stopped the recording during commercials, you would end up with about 5 avi files. If you wanted to encode all of them at once you would need to use a program that you can set up to do each file in a row automaticly. The Panasonic MPEG1 Encoder can do this. You can set up a project (encoding options) for each file, and then encode multiple projects in a row.

Hope that helps,

-- Michael S. Gilmore (, April 01, 2000.

There are two types of batch encodes used by standlone encoders, one is to batch each file individually as SEPARATE output files and the other is to batch encode to ONE output file. Beware!

If you select the wrong program you will get 5 separate VCD files when you expect one (any program that asks for a name for each file produces separate files). You will then have to knit together the individual files in another program and run the risk of them not playing accross the joint. In most cases each source file size must be kept below 2G.

-- Ross McL (, April 03, 2000.

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