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A lottery winner recently said he would give #4,000,000.00 for a kidney.

This has raised a storm in the transplant world. What do you think and what body part would you amputate for that kind of money ?

Now, in order to try out the dribble list lets transfer this discussion to the website and see how we get on.

-- Anonymous, April 01, 2000


There are several body parts I would quite cheerfully sell for four million quid.

1. The hairs inside my nose. 2. That funny thing growing near my right knee. 3. My bum

-- Anonymous, April 05, 2000

Hey, I found the Dribblelist !! Remember that. Ahh those were the days. I wonder is anyone has the same email address ?

Major D

-- Anonymous, May 10, 2001

Please tell how much you got for your brain? I'll give you a fiver - any bidders?


-- Anonymous, April 02, 2000

Simon! I'm sure your dad is very flattered that you would give a fiver for his brain, but that would hardly make you Einstein now would it.

Anyone want my belly button, it don't half hum!

-- Anonymous, April 05, 2000

my whole body...the whole thing...to the highest bidder. and i'm not pickey!

-- Anonymous, April 10, 2000

my feet, I have not seen them in many ayear so I doubt they really exist!!

-- Anonymous, April 12, 2000

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