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Do CALM problems count in any way toward our grade in this class? I heard a rumor that they are worth something like 15 - 20% of our grade. I'm scared please answer me quickly.

-- Anonymous, March 31, 2000


Does CALM count toward our grades? If so, is there a date we have to have the problems done by? And how much of our grade is dependent on the problems? Please help TAs or someone!

-- Anonymous, April 01, 2000

I believe the rumor you heard (Carlton) is false. From what I have heard in class and recitation, CALM problems will be counted as extra credit. I think Dr. Schroeder said he will average the grade you get on the CALM problems with one of your midterms. This way, if you get a low grade on one of the exams, the grade you get from CALM problems will help pull your grade back up a bit. For example: let's say you get a 50% on one of your midterms and you did all the CALM problems and got them all right. Dr. Schroeder would average the exam grade with the CALM grade. (100+50)/2 which would pull your grade up to a 75%. However, this only applies to those who actually do the CALM problems. If you don't do them, it will not affect your grade. At least this is what I have heard in lecture.

Now concerning Neil's question on due dates - I believe the due dates for the CALM problems are listed on Chem 104's homework page. The specific address for the page is: I think the last set of CALM problems assigned was due on March 30th.

-- Anonymous, April 02, 2000

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