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Save me from the ordinary With its yawning silence Echoing in hollow chambers. In the grayness of its presence The colors around me dim.

Save me from rounded off corners Rigid, unbending flat spaces With measured distances. While life around me sings its hymns I hear it muffled within a prison cell

Vacuous eyes without imagination Mouths blathering next to nothing - oh Their depth is filled by a drop of water. Let me not become part of the legion I cannot dance while marching in a line.

I will dance upon the wave of come what may soak the sun of life within my skin run screaming into the night I will not become ordinary. Puerile as a mote among the stars

I wont accept the wilted flowers Cant accept the empty hollow words live with a second best prize Dont feed me dust when I cry for water I need the rush of spirit within my soul

I lift my hands to the God who created wonders raise my heart and believe the spirits join In twining glee against the conformity. I believe its so for all is lost without The shining hope that keeps me on this world

Save me from the ordinary With its bored sigh And lack of vision I burn with the passion of ages My tears become a song of love.

Within lives magnificence Within you could be a dream come true

-- Ashley Alquine (ashleyalquine@poem.org), March 31, 2000

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