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I have so enjoyed the canon FD pages and wonder if the same type site night be had for the Nikon User ?? if so would you be kind enough to send me the URL, thanking you in advance for any input ! Clyde.

-- Clyde Mullen (, March 31, 2000


Here's a message from the Nikon MF mailing list - I (Duane) don't run it but I was subscribed for a little while:

"Howdy -

I run the Nikon Manual Focus Mailing List . The 18 or so of you who are receiving a blind copy of this message are all subscribers to this mailing list, but you each have your 'no mail' flag set. Now that most of us in the Northern Hemisphere are winding down our summer holiday season, I thought I'd send a reminder to all you 'no mailers' about turning your list mail back on.

To do this, surf your web browser to . Log in, find the line for the 'NikonMF' list, and locate the pull down menu on the right that currently says 'No Mail / Web Only'. You can change that to 'Individual EMails' if you like getting mail from the list as it happens (between 15 and 40 messages a day, roughly), or to 'Daily Digest' if you prefer receiving one or two big messages with all the individual messages inside.

If you have any difficulty doing this on your own, and need some help, drop me a line at . I can assist you. I should say that you're more than welcome to stay on 'no mail' if you wish. I know that many of you travel extensively and just want access to the archives. I just thought I'd take the opportunity to jog the memory of those of you who may have just returned from holiday.

Have a good one. Todd Peach B-XT34 Information & Server Development for Labs Boeing Commercial Airplane Lab Test M/S 19-MH Phone: (206) 662-0921

-- Duane (, April 07, 2000.


I recetly found a site that should appeal to your curiosity called Nikon Square. It's an official Nikon site with similarities to Canon's online Museum. Lots of technical and historical stuff! Bill

-- William Salati (, May 07, 2000.

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