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I'm interesting with S-VCD I have Pinnacle DV-500 & Matrox RT-2000 (for editing video). My problem how to resize from DV format (720 x 576 Pal-mode) to S-VCD format (480 x 480 PAL mode). I try export MPEG2 from Premiere but the size is still 720 x 576. What happen?. Is any software to resize ?.


-- Freddy Djena (, March 30, 2000


Freddy - PAL is 480 x 576

-- Ross McL (, March 30, 2000.

oops sent that accidentally without this:

SVCD is a variable bit rate format not just any old mpeg2, bbMPEG will do a compliant file from type 2 avi's but be prepared for a shock on the time taken.

Try these for information:

Might help

-- Ross McL (, March 30, 2000.

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