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Thanks for putting the .txt edit capabilities in the recent ASPEdit beta...I'll check them out. Just a question...could ASPEdit either either default to .txt edit mode when opening a .txt file with an extension other than .txt, or configure it to do this manually? I work with FOCUS file, which are ASCII with a .FEX extension (there are some other ASCII files with a .FTM & .MAS extension as well). This would allow me to use ONE editor for HTML, ASP, SQL, TXT, and FOCUS files. Thanks!


-- Anthony Gunia (, March 30, 2000


re: allow config for external files

Hi Anthony,

In the build 18 thats not possible yet, however the build 19 holds the ability to add and/or delete extensions at will, so from that version on you are able to add the focus extensions etc.

ps. im shutting down this forum, we have a better one running on our domain now (


-- Richard (, March 30, 2000.

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