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Okay, is it Varsh Longly or Lockney? And here's some Fluxish names I came up with: - Redlund Elded - Ven Lurgan - Fitz Hume - Latimar VonBaddlesmere - Mortamir Puffins - Patroclus Lune - Finnius Gilbe - Ziln Merryweather - Jibodlibot Medigehjarbon ( a foreigner )

-- Stonce Anomi (, March 30, 2000


It's Lockney. Hey, can I use some of those names?

-- Paul D. Gilbreath (, March 30, 2000.

Sure, as long as I get 5% j/k - Roc Hirax - Ariadne Dianne - Tula Shmilnce - Venna Abraxas

-- Stonce Anomi (, March 30, 2000.

I love those War names. Varsh Lockney (am I the only one who thinks Trevor should have played this part instead? I know this guy wasn't leader of the army or anything, but it just makes more sense somehow. Remember the original proposal where Trevor guns down Aeon on his way to kill Maurrad Ben-Jaffar[sp?]? It's VERY simlar to the role Varsh plays here. Plus, this is the only episode EVER without Trevor, which is kinda odd.) Anyway, you've also got Romeo Svengali, which is pretty funny if you know what a Romeo is and what a svengali is. And of course *snicker* Donna Matrix, which is my favorite of all. Have a minute to kill? Get someone to say that name ten times fast and watch the fun!

-- Frostbite (, March 31, 2000.

Yes, I am in perpetual awe over the genius which is the name: Donna Matrix. But what's a romeo, and what's a svengali?

-- Stonce Anomi (, March 31, 2000.

Romeo-Someone hopelessly devoted to romance, honor, and idealism (origin-Romeo Montegue). Svengali-Superb artisan of exotic or bizzare skills (origin-Um, not sure, exactly). AAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! GEDDITT?! Maybe it's just me.

-- Frostbite (, April 01, 2000.

Actually, Svengali was a hypnotist and mesmeriser from de Maurier's Trilby. The character's name is often used to describe a deceptive and controlling magician. Thus the irony between heroic Romeo and devious Svengali. You're probably thinking of Salvador Dali, a painter and original surrealist. (he of the melting clocks fame.)

-- Charlie Princeton (, April 10, 2000.

RU-486 is pretty funny, if you think about it.

-- Paul D. Gilbreath (, April 16, 2000.

I didn't realize it was an actual guy. I've just heard the word used that way a few times. I HAVE heard of Salvador Dali, though. I'm a big fan, in fact. For those of you who have never had the pleasure, you can check it out at

-- Frostbite (, April 20, 2000.

You know, 86 is an old jazz era term meaning to ex someone from the scene, and so it amazes me that they came up with a term for an abortion pill that is basically 'are you for ex-ing this from the scene' callous? ohhhh no.

-- Barb e. (, December 27, 2001.

Yeah, I was thinking the same thing...

-- Mat Rebholz (, December 27, 2001.

And the Tide chara. turned out to be for 86'ing Aeon...

-- Inukko (, December 27, 2001.

I didn't put that one together. Sly.

-- Barb e. (, December 28, 2001.

And, RU486 aborts Aeon's plan for escape.

-- Mat Rebholz (, December 29, 2001.

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