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Hi, I love discussion forums and although Aeon was on here (in Australia) years ago, I noticed a strong resemblence between the tombraider animations you see in ads eg lucozade and the way Aeon moved in the cartoon. Wouldnt it be great if Aeon could be reincarnated as a Tombraider cartoon or vice versa or something...

Oh well, all good things cum to an end...such a pity. Its like the best cartoons always get ditched eg Invasion America

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-- Klumsy Boy (, March 29, 2000


What resemblance? that she is tall skinny and has great acrobabtic skills....umm ok....that could mean that there is an infinte number of aeons out let me get this st anyone who is tall, skinny, has great acrobatic skill and who occasionally yells uhg when she falls, is a potenial aeon? umm yeah.....however i do think that an aeon flux game would be pretty cool, but that prob is pushing it...didn't they say they were supposed to come out with a game? for the tomb raider/aeon flux cartoon thing what r u thinking aeon does everything lara does..oh wait she isn't chased by lions and stuff!!! If they made a lara cartoon wouldn't that be a lame remake of a never could be aeon flux? Sorry if i offended you in any way it was not my intention.

-- Lady Morgan (, March 30, 2000.

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