need info. on the evolution on HR recruiting : LUSENET : work teams : One Thread

I'm doing a report on how recruiting for organizations has changed a great deal, especially with the use of the internet. If anybody has information or ideas on where to get some it would be greatly appreciated.

-- Chad Zogleman (, March 29, 2000


I, too, am writing a paper on the globalization of HR and how HR strategies have had to adjust to companies expansions into the global market. If you get any information from your respondants that might pertain to my topic, would you mind forwarding them to me?

Have you done a search for: Recruiting Employees?

That's how I found you. Try that. It has over 12,000 sources and a few papers that were written on the topic that might prove useful to you.


-- R. Mitchell (, March 26, 2003.

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