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Ok, my teacher told me to read Rappacini's Daughter written by Poe. But i just recieved an e-mail saying Hawthorne wrote it, I need proof so if you could help me out I would be greatful also I need to read the story no matter who it is by so if you could help me find it i would appreciate it. I would greatly like to prove my teacher wrong though, so if I can prove it was Hawthore it would help. jetis50@aol.com if you could help me thanks a bunch. Thanks again Christin

-- Anonymous, March 29, 2000



You will find the full text for Nathaniel Hawthornes Rappacinis Daughter at the url address:


Type this address into your web browser and press ENTER. Once the full page has been displayed, move down to Hawthornes collection of stories named Mosses from an Old Manse 1846-1854 and click on that selection. Rappacinis Daughter is included and can be printed from there.

While I am not quite so old as to be a direct eyewitness to Nathaniel Hawthorne actually putting this tale to paper, I am reasonably confident that literary history has correctly attributed this tale to the proper author. I trust this is proof enough for I know of little else I could do. I can assure you that Edgar Allan Poe did not. If you have difficulty retrieving the text, please let me know.


-- Anonymous, March 30, 2000

it was written by Hawthorne

-- Anonymous, December 01, 2002

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