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Hi, everyone!

The topics for the next exams are following those covered in the previous exams.

Zumdahl Ch. 10.9 and later (and course notes): Free energy and equilibrium, FE in chemical reactions, how to calculate G from H,S,T data. p,T dependence, spontaneous processes.

Zumdahl Ch. 11.1-11.4: Standard reduction potentials, half-cell reactions, how to design arbitrary cells, definition of G, Nernst equ.

Zumdahl Ch. 15 (and course notes): Rate laws, how to determine RLs from data, method of initial rates vs integrated RLs., half-life and mean life, dating, reaction mechanisms, e.g., transition states, molecular collision approach to Arrhenius law, etc., as covered in the book.

By the way, it takes at least as much prep to arrange for a Chm104 exam as for a Bio111 exam. We need to make arrangements for 2 rooms for the exam taking plus a number of other things that students normally are not aware of.

To find out the dates of various exams in this course should not have been difficult, as they have been published on the course website since quite a while!

-- Anonymous, March 29, 2000

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